How Dogs Cry For Help: 7 Warning Signs Your Dog Is Crying For Help

When you have a pet at home, in this case we will talk about dogs, there are many things that we do not know about them. It is difficult for us to understand if when they perform certain behaviors they do it because we do not educate them correctly, to play or because they are having a health problem. That is, we learn the basics, but there are many things that we surely do not know about our dog companion.

In this article from Expert Animal you will discover 8 things that dogs do to get our attention, there are many more and, surely, you will have many examples that do not come to mind because whoever shares their life with a canine knows that life is about anecdotes.

7/ Chase the tail

This sign of the owner’s lack of attention is related to the previous point. They are dogs that also have an excess of energy that they want to get out. This behavior is mistakenly taken to mean that the animal is playing. But the true meaning is that our pet is bored, and when looking for something to entertain himself with, he sees his tail move and begins to chase her. It is a stereotype.

Another meaning of this behavior can be, already medically speaking, presence of internal or external parasites, inflammation of the anal gland, tumors and other examples for which we must go to our vet to make the differential diagnosis. We will observe that in addition to chasing the tail, when it sits or lies down, it licks or bites in the area of the rump or anus. A consultation never hurts.

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