7 Signs Your Cat May Be Ready To Cross The Rainbow Bridge

1- Mood Changes

furthermore to loss of interest, some gravely ill cats experience acting changes related to their mood. They may have depression or even aggressive, growling or lashing out at you when touched. It is also common for a kitty to purr as her time out. Researchers and veterinarians believe they do this to comfort themselves.

You can help alleviate the pain and stress of these symptoms by offering palliative care in the form of medications, adaptations to your routine, and additional attention.

Make sure your cat has a warm, clean sleeping spot with her food bowls and litter box close by. If getting up has become difficult, try elevating her bowls or offering food and water by hand, but do not force her to eat or drink. If dehydration is an issue, your vet can show you how to administer fluids at home.

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